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Ring-tailed Lemur - Titan, Coby, Sterling & 3 young born April 2012 
Lemur catta
Range: Southwest Madagascar
Habitat: Forests, called gallery forests, that are adjacent to open areas and water.
Diet: Leaves, fruit, bark, and buds. At the zoo they eat fruits, vegetables and leaf eater biscuits.
Fun Facts:
  • Lemurs are not considered monkeys or apes. They are their own group of primates.
  • Unlike many other lemur species, they spend most of their day foraging for food on the forest floor.
  • They live in social groups of one or two dozen, often with more males than females. The males have a strongly marked rank of order, but all females are dominant to males.
  • Ring-tailed lemurs are territorial and the females, the permanent members of the group, defend against intruders.
  • To avoid true fighting, male ring-tailed lemurs will rub their down with a strong smell from scent glands on their wrists and wave their tails at each other. These are called stink fights.
  • One or two young are born at a time.

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