Lake Superior Zoo, Duluth, Minnesota

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Animals - Primate Conservation Center

Take a trip to the rainforest as you enter the Primate Conservation Center. The PCC offers visitors an up-close look at some of the most interesting species from the rainforests of the world. Officially completed in May 1999, the PCC is home to several primate species, many of which are endangered in their natural habitat and participate in national SSPs (Species Survival Plans).

In warm weather, watch the monkeys outside as they roll in the grass or jump on the many vines, rock work, and branches of their exhibit. For the cold Minnesota winters, there is a large inside exhibit area complete with viewing glass for visitors to watch the primates (and for the primates to watch the visitors).

Be sure to take a few minutes to admire each enclosure's exquisitely detailed murals painted by local artists Pam Dull and John (Buzz) Buczynski.

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Lake Superior Zoo - Duluth, MN - Angolan Colobus Lake Superior Zoo - Duluth, MN - Cotton-top Tamarin
Angolan Colobus Ring-tailed Lemur Callimico Cotton-top Tamarin