Lake Superior Zoo, Duluth, Minnesota

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Animals - Polar Shores

Polar Shores is truly the hub of activity at the Lake Superior Zoo. A stroll around its structure puts visitors up close with Snowy Owls, North American River Otters, and Harbor Seals. But Polar Shores' real claim to fame is its home to the star attraction at LSZ, our beloved Polar Bear Berlin.  Visitors can get a true appreciation for the power of the Polar Bear by watching her toss around and often destroy her large sturdy toys.

Polar Shores offers visitors the unique opportunity to view a Polar Bear as well as Harbor Seals from the Under Water Viewing Area adjacent to their exhibit.

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Lake Superior Zoo - Duluth, MN - Harbor Seal Lake Superior Zoo - Duluth, MN - Snowy Owl Lake Superior Zoo - Duluth, MN - Polar Bear Lake Superior Zoo - Duluth, MN - River Otter    
Harbor Seal Snowy Owl Polar Bear River Otter    


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