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Animals - Northern Territory

Grizzly Bear - Trouble
Ursus arctos horribilis
Range: Alaska, Canada, Western United States
Habitat: Mountain forests, open meadows, large river valleys
Diet: Omnivores; berries, grasses, roots, fish, small mammals, insects, honey, rodents. At the zoo they eat AAA meat, omnivore chow, fruits and vegetables.
Fun Facts:
  • The grizzly bear is a sub-species of the brown bear.
  • They will travel hundreds of miles in search of a favorite food such as salmon or berries.
  • At birth, cubs are born blind and weigh less than one pound.  As they grow they may weigh up to 1,200 pounds
  • Grizzly bears are able to run 35 mph for short distances
  • In winter, when food is scarce, bears may hibernate for 5-7 months.

"Trouble" the grizzly bear got his name after he broke into the Anchorage Zoo three times, continually raiding the duck and goose food pellets. After catching and tranquilizing Trouble, Alaska Zoo staff loaded him into the cargo bay of a Northwest Airlines passenger plane headed to Minnesota. Before he could be moved into his new home at the Lake Superior Zoo, veterinarian Dr. Mary Wictor drew blood, gave him a physical, and neutered him. Dr. Wictor said he was in amazingly good health for being a wild animal. However, there were some old injuries to his mouth possibly from a prey animal that fought too hard or a fight with another wild animal. The injuries may explain why Trouble chose to break into the zoo for what looked like an easy meal.

Read more of Trouble's Story here (pdf)

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