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Animals - Barnyard

Shetland Sheep - Wendy & Ruby
Ovis aries
Range: Shetland Islands
Habitat: Pastures
Diet: Grasses, herbs, leaves, and hay. At the zoo they eat hay flake.
Fun Facts:
  • Domestic sheep are one of the most economically important species on the planet, providing humans with meat, milk and fiber.
  • They are named after the Shetland Islands of Scotland where they are popular because their wool is ideal for knitting both sturdy outerwear and warm undergarments.
  • Sheep are very social and heards of up to 1,000 sheep will move together making them easy to shepherd.
  • In a single year, their fleece may grow up to 10 inches long.
  • Shetlands are the smallest of the northern sheep breeds. Ewes weigh between 75-95 pounds, rams weigh 125-145 pounds.
  • Rams have horns and ewes are naturally polled.

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