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Animals - Griggs Learning Center

Blue and Gold Macaw - Pico & Sammy
Ara ararauna
Range: South America, Mexico and Panama
Habitat: Forest savanna, open country, swampy areas, and other spots close to the water.
Diet: Variety of seeds, fruit, berries, nuts, and grains. At the zoo they eat fruits, vegetables and bird pellets.
Fun Facts:
  • At times the macaw is a monogamous bird. When seen in flocks, the couples stay together even when flying.
  • Nests are made in holes of dead palm trees. The young leave the nest at about 3 months old.
  • As with almost all parrots, the beak is used as a "third foot." A macaw can literally suspend itself from his beak for more than a minute without apparent discomfort.

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