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Animals - Asian Caravan

Goral - Mac & Phelan
Naemorhedus caudatus
Range: Eastern and northern Asia
Habitat: Gorals live in dry, rocky steep-sloped habitats. Usually found at an elevation of 3,000-8,000 feet but can be seen as high up as 13,500 feet.
Diet: Mostly browsers eating leaves, twigs, nuts acorns, grasses. At the zoo they eat flake hay.
Fun Facts:
  • They are in the same group as goats and sheep and are half way between a true antelope and a true goat or sheep.
  • They have short stubby limbs to make climbing easier.
  • Gorals are shy and live in groups of 2-12. Older males will often become solitary.
  • In the winter, they will move to lower elevations to avoid the dangers of loose snow. 
  • Average lifespan is 15 years.

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