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Animals - Asian Caravan

Pere David's Deer - Chung
Elaphurus davidianus
Range: Native to China but extinct in the wild.
Habitat: Nothing is known of the original habitat. It is thought they inhabited swamps and marshes.
Diet: The diet in the wild is unknown.  At the zoo they eat alfalfa hay, sweet feed, and deer food.
Fun Facts:
  • Pere David's Deer was discovered in 1865 by a French missionary, Pere (Father) Armand David, in the Chinese Emperor's hunting park to the south of Peking (Beijing).  He sent specimens to Europe the following year, and a breeding herd was later set up by the Duke of Bedford at Wobern Abbey.  The Chinese herd was destroyed in the 1900 Boxer Rebellion, but the Wobern herd has been so successful that Pere David's deer still exist in capitivity today.
  • The Chinese call the deer sze pu shiang, which means "none of the four" because they have a neck like a camel, a tail like a donkey, antlers like a deer, and hooves like a cow.
  • They are one of the only deer that love water and can be seen wading up to their chest and even swimming.
  • Their hooves are very broad, indicating that they are adapted to a marshy environment.

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