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Tiger's Paw Gift Shop          

Summer Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Winter Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Many of the items in the Tiger's Paw Gift Shop not only look great, but carry a great message or story. Here are just a few examples:

Accents for Today and the Leaky Collection
Two companies, Accents for Today and The Leakey Collection, offer fair-trade jewelry that is handmade from renewable resources. Beautifully carved stones from Zimbabwe's Shona people make graceful necklaces that bring prosperity to an impoverished land. The fallen African hardwood and Zulu grasses used to make beads are beautifully crafted into unique jewelry that helps to employ women across Africa.


Global Mamas
Every day in Ghana 270 tons of plastic waste is created. Most of this is from non-biodegradable bags containing purified water. Global Mamas is a fair-trade organization that assists women-owned businesses in helping to relieve some of that waste from the trash. The plastic bags are reused to create goods (purses, wallets, bags). Proceeds go to the producers and programs that help them with their business development.

The Snow Leopard Trust items are made by communities in Central Asia. By making and selling camel and sheep wool items (hats, coasters, napkins, toys) these communities have improved quality of life and increased income which leads to less snow leopard hunting and poaching.



ef*Ivory (elephant friendly ivory) carvings make wonderful gifts and protect not only elephants but rainforests as well. The nuts from tagua palm trees of South America are gently hand-harvested, then carved by people in the community and sold in place of ivory trinkets. The harvest brings value to the forests to help eliminate slash-and-burn tactics used by farmers.  The sales increase community income, and the exchange of renewable nuts for ivory tusks keep elephants safe from ivory hunters' slaughter.



Our animals create the most unique items in our store. If you've ever wondered how big a grizzly's paw is, come and check out our "Critter Creations," animal paw prints on canvas, or in the case of some of our more "slithery" residents- skin on canvas! Each comes with a photo of the animals whose personal print is on the canvas. 

The gift shop is open year-round and zoo admission isn't required to shop. See us for all your gift giving, whether you are looking for games, puzzles, or animal t-shirts.

Don't forget that members get 10% off regular priced items and remember to check out the Tiger's Paw Gift Shop and Lake Superior Zoo facebook pages for updates on sales and specials!